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We’ve had more and more phone calls from good folks asking if we could take a look at their vehicles because “I just had my car into ***** Dealer for a recall, and the Service Advisor there told me that I need $700 worth of repairs in addition to the recall . . . can I get a second opinion?"

The economy is slow. COVID-19 has wreaked havoc. We all know that. 

And when the economy is slow, work is harder to come by. The automotive repair industry is no different. We’re all experiencing this slow down to an extent. Some more than others. But what is separating the good from the bad is exactly what some consumers are experiencing: They’ve taken their vehicle into the dealer or “quick lube shop,” oftentimes enticed by a low-ball service offer — oil changes, tranny flushes, a/c services, etc. — only to be told that many other components on their vehicles need “immediate attention.”

Well, let me tell you, most of these offers are structured to draw you in to their shop in order to have you spend more money with them — a lot more money. Most of the work is NOT needed immediately. Oh, they’ll give you the impression that if you don’t do the work right NOW, the safety of your vehicle may be jeopardized. But most of the work they recommend is regular maintenance/service that can often be scheduled at a customer’s convenience. And rarely has a vehicle come to our shop that is absolutely, positively unsafe to drive. 

Many shops have been spoiled by the free flow of money from many different customers and now that consumers are much more discreet in spending their money, the shops have become desperate for those big bucks to keep flowing in. They’re trying to sell everything under the sun, but the good news is consumers are really catching on. They’re not falling for these shady practices.

Remember, when you schedule an oil change here at TMK, it may cost a little bit more than the “quick lube” shops, but we do a complete visual look-over of your vehicle - belts, hoses, tires, wipers, fluids.

In addition, we always use quality products and employee ASE-certified technicians. We’ll visually inspect your brakes and recommend manufacturer-scheduled services. But you’ll never, ever, be pressured to purchase other services in our shop.

You are always in charge of your vehicle’s maintenance. 


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